Our Artists

Tay Jun-Yi

Jun-Yi is a vibrant artist who is able to skillfully make a piece of blank canvas come alive with his diverse array of drawn animals. By intently observing from the sidelines, Jun-Yi ingeniously engineers subtle social dynamics among his drawn creatures. Armed with nothing but a black marker pen, he confidently depicts each animal with a unique expression, showcasing a remarkable range of emotions and personalities. Jun-Yi's cheerful disposition mirrors the joy he brings to those around him, with his art serving as a form of delightful conduit for his shared happiness and wonder.

Foo Thong Kien

Thong Keen is a talented illustrator who finds joy in bringing expressive and vibrant dinosaurs to life on canvas. While his expertise lies in illustrating these prehistoric creatures with vivid colours, his artistic repertoire extends to capturing the beauty of nature and other animals as well. A key signature trait of Thong Keen’s is portraying animals with wide-open eyes and dropped jaws, as if in awe of the wonders around them. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating visually stunning compositions, Thong Keen's artwork invites viewers into a world of whimsy. 

Hairil Hady Bin Shohri Omar

Hairil is a passionate artist renowned for his captivating graphical characters. Whether it be crafting endearing tiny cartoons or conjuring majestic creatures on a grand scale, his artistic prowess knows no bounds. A unique aspect of Hairil's creative process is his immersive approach—he can often be heard vocalising character voices and sound effects as he brings his creations to life on the canvas. This dynamic engagement makes watching him a truly "4D" experience, captivating audiences with both visual and auditory delights.

Jolie Lim

Jolie's artistic creations are imbued with a delightful blend of mischief and joy, reflecting her unique perspective on the world. She effortlessly brings her imaginative characters to life with swift and intuitive strokes. While her specialty lies in illustrating nature and animal characters, Jolie's creative spirit knows no bounds, as she also pays homage to her idols and heroes through her artwork. Each line she draws exudes a sense of spontaneity and charm, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in her whimsical universe.

Keegan Teo

Keegan's passion for elephants shines brightly through his artistry. With a deep reverence for these beautiful creatures, he expertly captures their essence in various forms. From portraying them in their serene and natural habitat to depicting them adorned in ceremonial attire or equipped for battle, Keegan's artistic repertoire celebrates the diversity and grandeur of elephants. Keegan's profound connection to elephants is palpable in every detail of his vivid drawings.