Our Artists

Meet the creatives!

Kaylan Lim Jolie 

Jolie's characters have a mischievous, but joyful streak in them. We can only suspect is her own way of celebrating how happy she has been since joining ADP. With a marker or fine pen, she draws very quickly and intuitively. Her illustrations of birds, cats, frogs and lizard characters are so quirky, they put a smile on your face.

Jolie's "Secret Garden" has inspired renowned artist, Ernest Zacharevic, to create a stunning mural on the facade of The Art Faculty at Enabling Village. 

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Hairil enjoys creating highly graphical characters. From tiny, cute cartoons, to large magical creatures, he  can be heard vocalizing character-voices and sound effects as he creates them - a "4D" experience if you sit and watch him draw!

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Keegan Teo

 Keegan loves elephants! 'Nuff said.

 He paints his elephants in their most natural state. He also illustrates them adorned in ceremonial dressing or equipped with battle gear. 

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Foo Thong Keen

Thong Keen has keen eyes for observational drawing. Pun intended. He enjoys translating a subject accurately on paper. Sometimes, an observation impresses upon him so much, he can draw them from memory in verbatim details.

Thong Keen also specialises in illustrating expressive and colourful dinosaurs.

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Tay Jun-Yi 

Jun-Yi loves to draw myriad of animals in various situations. The art reprint of his drawing "Animals in 10 minutes" has been a sell-out item in our merchandise range. He engineers subtle nuances of social interactions among the animals he draws. Although he himself rarely takes the initiative to participate in such social interactions. 

With just a black marker pen, he draws each animal without any hesitation and each carries a different expression.

Jun-Yi is a cheerful person who brings much joy to everyone around him, and such is the effect of his art, too!

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